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Welcome to Sai Milan... please joins us for "feed the hungry" program if you have any query related to donation send sms sai milan to 57333

Think of the feeling of joy when a child gets a school-bag instead of picking rags, the fulfilment when he gets to eat stomach-full. Think of the regained esteem of an ageing elder, who, but for an old-age home would have got to spend the fag end of his life at the mercy of others...perhaps begging. Think of the tears of joy in the eyes of the loved ones of a patient whose life gets saved by timely availability of an ambulance..

These are some of the situations of life, which we work to make possible. It is through your generous support that our work is made possible. Our collective effort can bring in a ray of hope in the lives of many, to make life more full-of-life for them – and more meaningful for ourselves.

You can contribute in a number of ways.

Donate Money

You can write a cheque/ demand-draft in the name of Sai Milan, which is a registered non-profit Trust. You can send your cheque/demand-drafts to our registered address as given below.

Donate computers and Equipment

Being a charitable organisation we often have modest budgets. You can help us by donating computers and office furniture. You can also donate your old working computers/printers/gadgets/ etc. which would be further used by under-privileged children at various childcare centres and orphanages etc. where they learn these to get equipped for a respectable living and career.

If you wish to donate any other things, please contact us with the details.

Donate Time

Your time is valuable for us. You can also volunteer. For details Click Here.

For information and assistance:

E-229, Ist Floor LAJPAT NAGAR-I
New Delhi-110024, India
Email: info@saimilan.org
Phone: 91-11-29822322
Tel Fax No. : 91-11-29822322