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Free Meals & Healthy Diet

Free Meals & Healthy Diet

Diet is the fuel that gives the body the energy it requires to perform its daily activities, whether it is a new born or an octogenarian. A healthy diet makes a healthy body, and health means happiness. A nation whose people are healthy is not just happy but also positive in its attitude and progressive in its approach.

While everybody aspires to remain healthy always, unfortunately, many a times, we fail to keep the best of health, and even have to avail the services of a hospital or remain at home under a doctor’s treatment and care to recover. That’s a time when our body needs light and balanced diet free from the flavors and spices of a normal Indian diet. Where, at home, the spice of love of the family compensates this, it is a big and difficult responsibility of the hospitals to provide diet, which is balanced as well as tastefully relished by the patients at the same time.  At times budgetary constraints also play a major role, especially in the rural areas.

A patient may not be in a position to understand this, but the diet is nothing less than the supplement dose of medicine only, and as important in recovery as the medicine itself. We understand this, and in association with the hospital administration, under the care and supervision of the dietician, provide fresh fruits, juices etc. to add to the nutritious value of the patient’s diet. It is one of our regular selfless services as our humble contribution in the service of the ailing.

Sai Milan also recognizes the need to care about not just the ailing, but the super-charged primary school kids and the aged elders living in the old-age homes too. We routinely provide milk and snacks at the primary schools of various villages in the Mandi and Bilaspur districts of H.P.

Old age homes, which are home to many aged elders, provide them with everything except the company of those whom they once cared for so much that they did not even care about their own needs. Knowing well that pain is an inherent part of certain lives, without even a slightest hint or reference to their situation, our volunteers try to spend some quality time by giving company to the old age home occupants, and also help them in their daily chores. The diet we provide here may be simple but there’s another kind of diet which we share here amongst them – the Diet of Love, which is very rich in its ingredients – the ingredients of Care and Concern.