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Child Welfare

‘Children are future of the nation’  but this future has to be carefully nurtured & craftily moulded and strengthened today, in order to enable it to sustain the hardships to hold and bring to life, the dreams of a better and brightened tomorrow.

 While many lose their lives to hunger, malnutrition and lack of medical facilities, a lot of others lose their childhood to poverty, abuse and lack of proper educational infrastructure.  There are countless children, not just in the rural areas but urban as well, who get deprived of school education and other privileges of a happy and healthy childhood .

Sai Milan believes that true child welfare is to provide each and every child health, happiness, safety, equality and opportunities to grow into committed and responsible citizen.

It is one of the foremost causes for us. In this regard we are identifying, poverty stricken areas  making children and their families aware of the benefits of education and encouraging them to attending schools. As children are most vulnerable to exploitation and abuse, it is our endeavour to make them aware of their basic needs and rights.